Bitter Belief - Classixxx MixtaEP

by Bitter Belief

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released April 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Bitter Belief Perth, Australia

Bitter Belief is a hip hop artist from Perth. Bitter B has dropped many mixtapes over the last few years and in 2011 released his debut album 'Isolation'
Now with 'The Tour Guide Mixtape' which is the lead up to his second studio album 'The Gallery' it looks like he's ready for a big 2012
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Track Name: 1. Lets Stay (Introduction)
its the b to the i to the t t e r
we are about to switch gear biatch
mummia mia she a eva
longoria look a like yeah she lookin fine from here
i be a kid with a story so you should pour me a beer
ignore ya formula I'm coming for ya this year
for ya spot ya slot, get knocked off the top
I'm just making sure the warning is clear
try to keep
i laugh when they say that I'm past my prime
but can't quite find another lion heart like mine
say I'm negative in half my rhymes
and i need to step away from the dark side vibe
but i can't man
and i don't need a hard hand
to find the type of magic you need to have on ya last chance
see i like long legs and a dark tan
but its a fact that she can't fuck if she can't dance
not the villain type see i like chillin
not cometitive i just like winning
but who doesn't? I'm in the club fuckin buzzing of this white pill and
im looking for all the fine women
im wondering how
i can get myself under em
if were in the club then were stumbling how
so drunk i don't know what she's mumbling bout
come here girl i got something for your mumbling mouth
shout outs to the hip hop show
bitter got that cool rhythm if you did not know
you don't wanna see me kick into my lift off mode
in the kitchen switching up with a shit hot flow
lets me tell you what you have now seen
a bit of bitter b - and a bit of some al green
and ya need to bring a kit kat
take break sit back and listen to 6 tracks, of lyrical bitchslap
Track Name: 2. Queen
standing emergancy?
Whats your standing emergancy?
My mum and daddy are having a fight!!
uh is he hitting her?
(crying and screaming) STOP IT!!!
send the police please??
ok were gonna be there were sending….
STOP IT…. No….
Let me talk to, wheres your mum? whats going on?
They’re having a fight, this has been going on forever and ever
They always have this because he has this cousins he’s always drinking here and getting drunk
whats is his name what is your your fathers name?
hes my step father
ok how old is he?

i just feel for her
i can see that she's a lost queen
lost on the scene,
got her head in the clouds, never coming down coz she lost what it means to be loved
means to be nurtured
means to an end, it depends what she does
where the buzz comes from, in the past she may have done wrong
but not by him, so why is she being punched on?
gotta bruise to the face, eye swoll up
but they guy told her she better never say squat
hit her so hard that the make up came off
praying she take off ever since day dot but she cant
maybe one day she could ring the alarm
her only escape is her own self harm
where does she go from here
where does she go from here

Wheres your mother at right now?
She’s in the room hiding with us….

girl your nothing less than a quueeeeeeen
girl your nothing less than a
girl your nothing less than a
somebody shouldve let ya knooooooooow

for the young girl hurting
this is for the young girl fed up
pac said keep up girl don't you ever let up in this world your the only one that get up!

he no longer sees all the beauty that she possess
busy sleepin with exxes and bruisin teachin her lessons
thruthfully its a mess but its usually with the discretion
treating her like a slave and using her like a peasant
cages her like animal
scared that shell run away
took her from her family
moved to another state
now shes just the robot that he had her become
see i know this shit can happen coz it happened to mum this shit is real

Please send the police
i wanna have him leave
ok the police are on there way ok?
Track Name: 3. Is It Fair tonight?
they're meant to be our leaders
meant to be our strength
strippin us of our freedom
people livin in stress
feeding us alcohol and theyre feeding us cigarettes
passing people a spade as we dig into bigger debt
ignorant to the land
ignorant to its past
cast from my hands
not a fans of the cards i was dealt
i knelt as asked god for the help
that i needed just to see my cd on the shelf
what are we teaching the kids?
questioning all our motives im wondering what the mission is?
wondering how we did it?
brought the planet to rubble
im wondering wheres the limit
the second coming is coming
and im just numbing the pain
im just runnin from greif
i hear the drummin is torture
and im becomin a beast
and my stomach is sore
tryina stomach the chemicals
hear the rumbling roar
there getting you in the store
takin all ya money they wantin more
you drive a ford or a commodore
we focus on that and the real problems will get ignored!
while the government are trying send us to war!
educated by the media they feedin us lies
crazy what some peoplell do for a piece of the pie right?
never backin down never give an apology
people question you whenever you question authority
whys that? maybe they wisended up
maybe theyve seen a truth that made em wiser that us?
if we rise from the rutt we do it future generations
a better place instead of a plague of devastation
they can recreate take a step in our places
and find a sense of pride in peace between nations
find a sense of pride in peace between
im everybodys house pullin everybody out
lined in the streets and we band them all together
and my ship will never sink and i don't care what you think
and i hate these energy drinks we should bann them altogether
they speed us up and they dumb us lower they slow us down
plant a seed of hope and let it grow in the ground
courageous creativity
hate that we take literally
faith that we made misery
able to turn around
anxiety makin me shake jittery
never pray for validity
thats the power of now
no future no past just present we unmask
just another lesson in life ive come past
to dark there comes light, the light from one spark
its hard to come by a mind thats sub par
we command and we conquer we created the dream
in a land full of monsters, but we made it a scheme and its fucked up
Track Name: 4. MJ & BB Vs Barry White
mind racin i flicker through my thought
then greatness is born and delivered to ya door
in the grace and the presence of a storm in its essence
im a legend in the form of swingin venomous sword
ever since the second i took a step in the door
made everybody pause oh and for the record
if were pressin in record
im bettin yours never leaver ya room
just a prune makin garbage you will never perform
but of course its just babble I'm travel in off course
trying be the man ya madam would drop draws for
they can say whatever coz ive heard it all
like bitter doesnt have a bitter dirt on yall
but i just keep a closed mouth low key
coz ive learned unless you have no doubt
dont speak
fuck it which one of ya women will i tempt next
with the D right in front of her like MX
ima make em black out!
coz im the best writer period!
serious with my pads out,
ink in the pen - it committed the crime
you can try to limit me the decision is mine
from here to infite not a minute of time is ever definitive
livin with a militant mind
nothing pulls you into line like some discipline can
nah im not getting tired like the michelin man
i sprint laps while im spittin my raps
we make tracks to the power of two Syllabollix!
Track Name: 5. A Mans World
the type of girl you gotta see to believe
and since them ladies are my weakness i got week at the knees
forced her way into my life she commited B and E
for bein me,
The theory is that were only fuckin around
still i know that lotus flower couldnt grow without the mud in the ground
i rev em up must be tryin start they car
lets partay, raise a glass in a manaje twar
covered with kisses she my mrs to be
im painting pictures of her but shes burning pictures of me
and i see that shes on a mission im lick the skin on her neck
come and live in my world we never live with regrets here
hell yeah, the world is my oyster was my choice to
open the door and let the girl come first
ub surd, i buckled with one word
they say that love hurts i said thats only with some girls
im thinkin its time i got her a lock it down
i just need to fill the void when shes not around
about as subtle as a trumpet when im on the prowl
now she calls it southern comfort when im on the growl
wow, we just do whatever we want!
coz we got that kinda chemistry that scientist dream of!
this feeling got me feeling like im high at the weed spot
feeling like im fire when i slide in the g spot
Track Name: 6. Go the Distance
all ive gotta do is dig deep and i can find the words
I've been happy I've been hurt I've been better I've been worse
flying in and outta perth, I was blessed with a opportunities that people i deserve
but i disagree really I'm just being honest
i broke a lot of peoples things broke a lot of promises
and a lot of us just as lost as the next man
trying figure out a 'stayin out of debt plan'
nothin will ever
coz nothing will get you through more than using your head can
see i used to look at the world as dark place
still kinda do but now its nothing that we cant change
people that i came up with, are still on that wanna be tough shit
and all the drama it comes with
i swear that some parents should be monitored
they could never love a baby you crazy they never wanted it!
how the hell are we to be positive in a world thats the opposite
boys and these girls will be hostages
if we don't put a stop to it now
even our relatives pick pocket us
damn are we this cornered, we pray for better livin
thanks to the television our sanitys distorted
families important, people should live for it
too many teens get forced into mortgage
look at the depression we face, what are the causes
maybe the oppression we get left in the storm
just another lesson we take to move forward
rich get rich, the poor are getting ignored
so im feelin' like i'm robin hood, givin to the good folk
cant save em all you know i would if i could tho
so lookin back at my life in heinsight
i feel like i was born for the mic and the lime light
anyone that knows me will tell you the same thing
a young prince in a posse fulla kings
now im in their face like look at me what now!
sick of being crossed out locked in a dog house
for everybody here the future is unknown
but you should be doing something you love bro
but you should be doing something you love bro
You should be doing something you love though!