3. Is It Fair tonight?

from by Bitter Belief

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Phil collins remix!
One of my favourite songs ever..


they're meant to be our leaders
meant to be our strength
strippin us of our freedom
people livin in stress
feeding us alcohol and theyre feeding us cigarettes
passing people a spade as we dig into bigger debt
ignorant to the land
ignorant to its past
cast from my hands
not a fans of the cards i was dealt
i knelt as asked god for the help
that i needed just to see my cd on the shelf
what are we teaching the kids?
questioning all our motives im wondering what the mission is?
wondering how we did it?
brought the planet to rubble
im wondering wheres the limit
the second coming is coming
and im just numbing the pain
im just runnin from greif
i hear the drummin is torture
and im becomin a beast
and my stomach is sore
tryina stomach the chemicals
hear the rumbling roar
there getting you in the store
takin all ya money they wantin more
you drive a ford or a commodore
we focus on that and the real problems will get ignored!
while the government are trying send us to war!
educated by the media they feedin us lies
crazy what some peoplell do for a piece of the pie right?
never backin down never give an apology
people question you whenever you question authority
whys that? maybe they wisended up
maybe theyve seen a truth that made em wiser that us?
if we rise from the rutt we do it future generations
a better place instead of a plague of devastation
they can recreate take a step in our places
and find a sense of pride in peace between nations
find a sense of pride in peace between
im everybodys house pullin everybody out
lined in the streets and we band them all together
and my ship will never sink and i don't care what you think
and i hate these energy drinks we should bann them altogether
they speed us up and they dumb us lower they slow us down
plant a seed of hope and let it grow in the ground
courageous creativity
hate that we take literally
faith that we made misery
able to turn around
anxiety makin me shake jittery
never pray for validity
thats the power of now
no future no past just present we unmask
just another lesson in life ive come past
to dark there comes light, the light from one spark
its hard to come by a mind thats sub par
we command and we conquer we created the dream
in a land full of monsters, but we made it a scheme and its fucked up


from Bitter Belief - Classixxx MixtaEP, released April 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Bitter Belief Perth, Australia

Bitter Belief is a hip hop artist from Perth. Bitter B has dropped many mixtapes over the last few years and in 2011 released his debut album 'Isolation'
Now with 'The Tour Guide Mixtape' which is the lead up to his second studio album 'The Gallery' it looks like he's ready for a big 2012
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