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Bruce Springstein remix!


all ive gotta do is dig deep and i can find the words
I've been happy I've been hurt I've been better I've been worse
flying in and outta perth, I was blessed with a opportunities that people i deserve
but i disagree really I'm just being honest
i broke a lot of peoples things broke a lot of promises
and a lot of us just as lost as the next man
trying figure out a 'stayin out of debt plan'
nothin will ever
coz nothing will get you through more than using your head can
see i used to look at the world as dark place
still kinda do but now its nothing that we cant change
people that i came up with, are still on that wanna be tough shit
and all the drama it comes with
i swear that some parents should be monitored
they could never love a baby you crazy they never wanted it!
how the hell are we to be positive in a world thats the opposite
boys and these girls will be hostages
if we don't put a stop to it now
even our relatives pick pocket us
damn are we this cornered, we pray for better livin
thanks to the television our sanitys distorted
families important, people should live for it
too many teens get forced into mortgage
look at the depression we face, what are the causes
maybe the oppression we get left in the storm
just another lesson we take to move forward
rich get rich, the poor are getting ignored
so im feelin' like i'm robin hood, givin to the good folk
cant save em all you know i would if i could tho
so lookin back at my life in heinsight
i feel like i was born for the mic and the lime light
anyone that knows me will tell you the same thing
a young prince in a posse fulla kings
now im in their face like look at me what now!
sick of being crossed out locked in a dog house
for everybody here the future is unknown
but you should be doing something you love bro
but you should be doing something you love bro
You should be doing something you love though!


from Bitter Belief - Classixxx MixtaEP, released April 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Bitter Belief Perth, Australia

Bitter Belief is a hip hop artist from Perth. Bitter B has dropped many mixtapes over the last few years and in 2011 released his debut album 'Isolation'
Now with 'The Tour Guide Mixtape' which is the lead up to his second studio album 'The Gallery' it looks like he's ready for a big 2012
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