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Song about domestic violence


standing emergancy?
Whats your standing emergancy?
My mum and daddy are having a fight!!
uh is he hitting her?
(crying and screaming) STOP IT!!!
send the police please??
ok were gonna be there were sending….
STOP IT…. No….
Let me talk to, wheres your mum? whats going on?
They’re having a fight, this has been going on forever and ever
They always have this because he has this cousins he’s always drinking here and getting drunk
whats is his name what is your your fathers name?
hes my step father
ok how old is he?

i just feel for her
i can see that she's a lost queen
lost on the scene,
got her head in the clouds, never coming down coz she lost what it means to be loved
means to be nurtured
means to an end, it depends what she does
where the buzz comes from, in the past she may have done wrong
but not by him, so why is she being punched on?
gotta bruise to the face, eye swoll up
but they guy told her she better never say squat
hit her so hard that the make up came off
praying she take off ever since day dot but she cant
maybe one day she could ring the alarm
her only escape is her own self harm
where does she go from here
where does she go from here

Wheres your mother at right now?
She’s in the room hiding with us….

girl your nothing less than a quueeeeeeen
girl your nothing less than a
girl your nothing less than a
somebody shouldve let ya knooooooooow

for the young girl hurting
this is for the young girl fed up
pac said keep up girl don't you ever let up in this world your the only one that get up!

he no longer sees all the beauty that she possess
busy sleepin with exxes and bruisin teachin her lessons
thruthfully its a mess but its usually with the discretion
treating her like a slave and using her like a peasant
cages her like animal
scared that shell run away
took her from her family
moved to another state
now shes just the robot that he had her become
see i know this shit can happen coz it happened to mum this shit is real

Please send the police
i wanna have him leave
ok the police are on there way ok?


from Bitter Belief - Classixxx MixtaEP, released April 15, 2015
Produced by Swiff D



all rights reserved


Bitter Belief Perth, Australia

Bitter Belief is a hip hop artist from Perth. Bitter B has dropped many mixtapes over the last few years and in 2011 released his debut album 'Isolation'
Now with 'The Tour Guide Mixtape' which is the lead up to his second studio album 'The Gallery' it looks like he's ready for a big 2012
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